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MEB Group Internship (“MyINTern”) programme offers valuable opportunities for university/college students to gain real-world experience and apply their knowledge and skills in a professional setting. The program is carefully planned and monitored, with experienced supervisors/coaches to provide guidance and support.

Factly, the MyINTern can be used to fulfil graduation requirements and is also beneficial for students who are looking to gain practical experience while completing their degree. And for students who are volunteering for a short-term period, the MyINTern can be a great way to gain experience and give back to the community. 


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Provide a platform for trainees to apply theoretical knowledge learned in university/college into the actual working environment and real-life situations.

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Provide training and experiential learning opportunities for the development of trainee’s technical skills and critical attributes.

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Develop self-understanding, self-discipline, maturity and confidence as well as strong networking/mentoring relationships.

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Method for trainees to identify, clarify and/or confirmed professional direction as it relates to their future career path.

A world of opportunity

Build Your Future with MyINTern

Power of Real-World Learning

Experience the learning by gaining hands-on training both in corporate and project settings. Enhance your professional skills and abilities while woring alongside experienced menors.

Discover The Path Success

With the flexibility to choose a field of interest, you can discover your passion and identify the right career fit future employment. Interning in your preferred filed will also give you an edge on your resume and job search after graduation

Hands-on Experience

Gain valuable hands-on experience and unlock your potential by increasing your industry knowledge, self-confidence, and communication and leadership skills. These skills are essential in securing future employment.

Professional Excellence

Transform your potential into professionalism by connecting with industry professionals. This can lead to potential contracts for future employment and opportunities to find mentors and guides for your career path.


Key Value-Added Tips to Takeaway During Internship.

Professional CV Development

Learn how to create an impressive and effective CV that will make you stand out from other entry-level candidates with tips from our recruitment specialists.

Interview Preparation and Performance

Excel in your next interview with practical techniques and simulations, and receive feedback to help you improve.

Effective Communication Strategies

Improve your communication skills and become a standout candidate during the interview process and beyond.

Personalized Career Development

Build discipline, chart your career path, and expand your professional network with personalized coaching and mentoring from industry experts.


Follows a simple 9-step MyINTern process:

Step 1

Apply Internship

Step 2

Issuance of letter acceptance

Step 3

Sign of LOA

Step 4

Report Duty

Step 5

Complete MyINTern Attendance Sheet

Step 6

Complete MyINTern Progress Report

Step 7

Complete MyINTern Assesment (Trainee)

Step 8

Complete MyINTern Assesment (Supervisor)

Step 9

Complete MYSIP TalentCorp Student Evaluation

All necessary e-forms will be given during the first reporting duty. We encourage all trainees to complete these e-forms promptly to ensure a smooth and successful MyINTern experience.


After successfully being accepted into the MyINTern Programme, you will receive the “MyINTern Onboarding Kit” via email. The kit may include:
Please make sure to complete all e-forms within the specified timeframe. If you encounter any difficulties completing these e-forms, please contact HR for assistance.

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Answers to your most common questions about our programme.
I just received a verbal offer from Muhibbah Group for an internship placement. How do I know that I am formally accepted?

You will receive a signed Internship Letter of Acceptance from HR Department.

What is the validity of the offer? How long can I hold to it before replying to acceptance/decline?

You are required to reply with acceptance of the letter as well as complete the confirmation of placement link within 7 days from the date of the letter being e-mailed to you or being given to you by hand.

What is the duration of the MyINTern programme?

The min. duration of the MyINTern programme is ten (10) weeks. The max. duration is twenty-three (23) weeks.

What is the MEB MyINTern program's procedure?

Click on the link for more details Here.

What is the official working day and hours?

Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Where is the HQ Office located at?

The HQ Office is located at Lot 579-586 2nd Mile, Jalan Batu Tiga Lama, Kawasan Perindustrian Sungai Rasau, 41300, Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. For directions, kindly click Here.

Which area is near to HQ Office if I were to find accommodation during my internship?

Near areas for finding accommodation include Ken Rimba Apartments, Taman Rashna, Taman Intan & Taman Keris, which are within walking distance (5-15 minutes) of the HQ Office.

Will there be any accommodation & transportation provided by the company?

Accommodation and transportation are usually not provided if trainees are assigned to the HQ Office. However, if trainees are assigned to a project site, accommodation and transportation may be provided.

Who shall I be meeting for my 1st day of reporting duty?

What should I bring with me on my 1st day of reporting duty?

On your first day of reporting duty, bring a copy of your signed Internship Letter of Offer, necessary stationery (pen/pencils/notebook, etc.), and a jacket or blazer (if it gets too cold).

Where is the project sites located?

I will be working at the project site. Does the company provide PPE for me or do I have to get my PPE?

The company (via Project HSE Department) will provide PPE if the internship trainee is assigned to the project site.

Is there any allowance provided throughout my internship program with the company? How is the allowance paid?

The allowance provided is according to your current level of academic qualification. The allowance provided is according to your current level of academic qualification and is paid per month by the payroll system.

What happens if I report for duty in the middle of the month and I didn’t complete 1 full month?

Allowance is paid per month and paid via payroll system. If you don’t complete 1 full month, we still pro-rate your allowance and pay what is due to your serving internship with us.

Is it compulsory to open Maybank account for allowance purpose?

A Maybank account must be provided for your monthly allowance, and the allowance will exclude the deduction from EPF & SOCSO as internship trainees are not eligible for the deduction.

Is there any leave granted for an internship trainee like me?

How should I submit my leave request?

Is there any possibility for me to take leave additional from the standard provided by the company?

Does the company offer any advice or training before I begin my internship?


Is there a specific Job Description for me during my internship placement?

Generally yes, but your supervisor will brief you on the specific and additional tasks assigned during your internship placement.

How do I record my attendance every month?

You will receive the MyINTern Onboarding Kit after being accepted into the program with further instructions.

What is the dress code when i am working?

Smart casual or business casual attire is acceptable.

Is there any cafeteria or canteen within the company premises?

Nearby restaurants including Aeon Bukit Raja, I-City, and others are available for your enjoyment.

Who do I contact for any further inquiries?

Contact the HR representative for additional information.

Where can I find more information about Muhibbah Group?

Visit Muhibbah Engineering Group website at

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